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Why the Philippines is still the favorite outsourcing destination?

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Outsourcing is not just a short-term option for conducting business, neither is it just a trend in certain fields. This is an area in the business sector that has grown to become a vital part of everything investment ventures.

Outsourcing as we know it has been an ideal tool in helping businesses widen their perspective and also cut down costs of operations.

Globalizing operations are known to provide entrepreneurs or business owners with cheap labor and remarkable talent.

This is why Outsourcing is at the top of the list for companies when it comes to results and solutions that are excellent yet low-budget.

Today, many countries have developed their outsourcing industry to meet the needs of companies and organizations from all over the world.

Companies in the US, Australia and UK are regular Outsourcing employers to available talent in Eastern Europe, Asia, and South America.

However, in the big game, one of the best places to Outsource business still remains the Philippines. The market size cannot be compared to that of India (which has a larger population), but it is the first choice of most companies in need of an English speaking country to outsource to.

On the whole, the synergy between countries is known to serve as a stepping stone for boosting needed financial capabilities and revenue.

What makes the Philippines a favorite outsourcing destination?

It’s usually hard to believe at first, but people outsource to The Philippines because they like the “fun” vibe surrounding this country and its people; Filipinos. Take away the business aspect and you will see that most people love to go there on vacation for healthy fun and relaxation.

This, surprisingly has influenced the value placed by businesses in the outsourcing industry in the Philippines. The country itself is great, but the people are even better. Filipinos happen to be at the top of all that the Philippines have to offer.

Skillset in the Philippines is rich and ample enough to pose strong competition in any industry, making them a fantastic choice for business process outsourcing. Currently, the Philippines ranks 7th in the list of countries at the forefront of offshore business. Why is this so?

This country is known to possess an impressively large number of highly capable phone staff, equipped to help huge and influential enterprises with their technical support requirements, customer service and sales representation.

Besides, the obvious qualifications, Filipinos love to talk and communicate. This makes for a unique degree of patience required to assist as well as to placate clients oftentimes.

An added factor that makes Filipinos sought after is their ability to progress from beginner to expert level in no time. Their lovely neutral accent is also a plus so when it comes to outsourcing and the The Philippines, why not?

Many multi-million-dollar businesses around the world love quality results that cost them nothing and this why the Philippines is the favorite outsourcing destination for many enterprises globally.

One thing the educated class in the Philippines can boast of is their versatile, adaptive culture and flexibility. That is to say, the workforce in this country is confident that they can do anything and they do not fail to meet up to this self-imposed standard. Here, you will find ambitious, smart, and driven individuals who live for challenges.

Let’s take a look at the industry some years ago

Economically, it hasn’t always been rosy. In 2017, changes in tax policy and the surge of political damaged compromised the confidence of many investors in the Philippines.

This period of crisis sent many of them withdrawing and seeking other more reliable places for their interests without making further losses. One can rightly say that these challenges only served to create a stronger economy in the Philippines.

Prior to general speculations, the Philippine government forged ahead with a commendable growth streak of 6%. The government’s efforts received the cooperation of both companies and workers in this country, resulting in renewed confidence of international investors and stakeholders.

Further progress

Undoubtedly, one of the things that thrive in this industrious country is human resources. This could mean that the use of artificial intelligence is more likely to displace a lot of Filipinos when they are put out of their jobs and replaced them with tech.

Improvement of voice services provided by artificial intelligence has only served to induce more tenacity into the industry notwithstanding. Today, more companies are setting up shop in the Philippines and notable degrees of flexibility and adaptability have been integrated into the workforce. Thankfully, machine deep learning is far behind so it would not be affecting the value of the Philippines as a favorite outsourcing destination.

The increase in work-from-home policies

As it stands, nothing beats working form the comfort of one’s home. Foreseeing the incredible benefits, a lot of outsourcing companies have adopted home-based policies for their skilled workers, allowing them to work in their full professional capacity from home.

Here are three things this has provided for outsourcing companies:

  • Access to employees at any time of the day

  • Zero infrastructure costs

  • Employee efficiency

  • Solution to the country’s traffic problem

No doubt, happy employers make for happy employees. The elimination of the stress factor working in a formal environment such as an office has immensely improved the quality of service provided by Philippine workforce.


In the big scheme of things, the Philippines have proven to be adept and efficient even in the face of turmoil. This country has created not only an outstanding record but a solid reputation that has withstood all negative reviews and opinions in the past.

Today, it’s growing economy and more stable politics gives the country the boosts it needs by creating a stronger foundation in the area of business processing outsourcing.

The Filipino workforce is working relentlessly to measure up as well as meet the demands of new business that are springing up regularly with skill, efficiency, better technology, and a positive spirit.

Simply put, everybody loves the Filipinos and this serves to make their country a favorite outsourcing destination.


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