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Which Country is the best for outsouring?

Outsourcing is one of the many lifesavers of small and large scale enterprise around the world and is as diversified as these enterprises are such that you can outsource virtually any kind of job.
Giving out specific tasks to remote staff are known to improve efficiency and effectiveness and according to statistics, 80% of businesses who resort to outsourcing applauds their decision to do so. This is because outsourcing boosts sales figures, competitiveness, B2b sale numbers and reputation of your company.
Outsourcing also allows for the concentration of resources for business policies or systems crucial to objectives such as billing, promotion of products, customer relations and so on.
Workloads in a business which require a specific degree or type of skill and sometimes technological background are among the sort of jobs that should simply be outsourced for the benefit of a company or brand.
Other reasons outsourcing is often resorted to is if its management wishes to free internal resources for other purposes, if resources available are insufficient, if there is a need to reduce time and cost. This method of running a business is helpful in improving focus on the central capabilities or core strengths of a company.
Common services a company can outsource are app design, graphic design, software development, customer support, data entry, cybersecurity, infrastructure management, content writing; the list is endless.
Though outsourcing a particular task sometimes results in a shoddy job being done, you can avoid the bad eggs when hiring remote staff. This article provides you with an up to date compilation of the best countries to outsource to.

  • China
On record, the outsourcing market of China both within and outside stood at a whopping $15.2 billion in 2007. IT outsourcing and BPO (business process outsourcing) surpassed $9 billion and $6 billion each. Currently, the market increases by a steady 30% annually.
Outsourcing providers in China have worked relentlessly to increase productivity while improving quality. The strength of China’s export platform today has forged ties with Japan and South Korea, making up 52% of China’s market in offshore software development.
China’s huge outsourcing capacity lies in the country’s advanced technical skill, competitive wages, strong government support, and foreign language skills.
  • Taiwan
Notably, Taiwan was among the first countries to be outsourced to by the US in the sixties. Taiwan's outsourcing market weighed $66 billion in 2005. This country is rife with every legal business connection you can think of and scores of freelance experts. It presently has top procuring firms choosing it for products in information technology. Some of these firms are Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, Toshiba, Dell Inc., Sony Corp., Apple Computer Inc and so on.
For tasks or projects in data restructuring, algorithms, databases and functional programming, this is your go-to-country.

  • Vietnam
Vietnam’s sector, unlike its counterparts, has grown or developed in a pattern that is quite different. It would deem that Vietnam does not compete with its other peers in the business.
The IT sector of the country currently benefits largely from the government’s policies while the BPO sector achieves impressive growth annually. Today, around 1000 IT companies employ the services of 80,000 workers with 40,000 joining the job market yearly.
Developments such as this have played a role in polishing the country’s profile internationally even placing it at number 6 in the US consultancy A.T.Keraney’s 2017 Global Services Location Index.
Common investors in Vietnam outsourcing are Intel, IBM, and Microsoft, specifically in software development.

  • Philippines
Outsourcing to Philippine services are easily one of the best things that can happen to a company. They are cost-efficient, culturally compatible, proficient in the English language (as opposed to what many brands think), highly skilled, thorough and meticulous in ensuring data privacy and security, flexible, time zone neutral and services come with low legal liability.
In 1922, The first outsourcing contact center was built in this country and they haven’t looked back since; moving to establish one of the best outsourcing industries in the world.
Compared to general impression, the literacy rate in the Philippines is actually pretty high, standing at 95.6%. This means that outsourcing to them for data-related tasks or administrative work is surely worth the cost.

  • Ukraine
This country is renowned for offering excellent outsourcing services in security, distributed systems and mathematics with over 1 million developers in Eastern Europe.
Ukraine offers you overlapping time zones, a strong, capable hub for IT industry, fluency in both written and spoken English plus a very good cultural fit with clients from the US and European countries generally.
Educational System in Ukraine is of high quality and the system provides a lot of reasonably priced opportunities for IT professionals and other staff to gain mastery of English.
Presently, Ukraine has several regions for outsourcing scattered around the world. It has in the same vein secured a very good reputation as an efficient destination for outsourcing.

Before you leap for joy, note that before hiring an outsourcing service, there is what is called a Service Level Agreement. This is where you explicitly outline what you’re outsourcing to the other party. A Service Level Agreement contains your goals and any other expected benefits together with your company’s criteria for measuring performance.
In other words, this is the terms & conditions of your interaction with whatever service or firm you are outsourcing to; this includes price and deadlines. It is not uncommon to see legal complications as a result of breached agreements, misunderstanding from either side and a host of other implications of poorly communicated expectations.

Be smart, work smart. Outsource some of your workloads today.


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